Aluminium casting alloys
  Aluminium alloys production is performed on two smelting complexes. The first main complex is melting-reverberating furnace for processing of wastes utilization (one melting chamber with a forehearth and mixer). The industrial capacity is up to 25 tons per day.
 The second complex is – induction furnaces for wastes utilization of foil, chips (borings), etc. with 8 tons per day capacity.


Twin-chamber melting-reverberating furnace
with a mixer


Aluminium casting alloys are produced by a twin-chamber melting-reverberating furnace with a mixer. It is purpose-designed for our raw material and hypoeutectic and eutectic aluminium casting alloys are produced by it.
The production volume is 7000 tons per annum.


Line frequency induction furnace.
brand: KJPS 600-1S


Processing of aluminium chip, thin sheet clippings, etc. is performed by a line frequency induction furnace in an inert gas environment in order to decrease the process of molten metal oxidation. Low-silicon casting alloys and deoxidizers for ferrous metallurgy are obtained by such method.
Annual production volume is 1500 tons per year.