was founded in 1998.

Producing of high-quality aluminum alloy from recycled materials.

The singularity of the company is producing of alloys of any customer's technical request.
Applying of ligatures can achieve high quality alloys. The company currently produces over thirty alloys which are relevant to standards of EU, Israel, Japan, the United States, the CIS.

Nowadays the productivity of melting furnace is 450-500 tons of finished products per month.
Such companies as Volkswagen Group, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Aluminium Fischer GmbH, ... have appreciated the quality of our products.
A significant amount of the production is sold under long-term contracts to domestic consumers.
All liquid metal is refined by flux of  «Schaefer chemische Fabrik GmbH» and argon.

The employees are trained in a specialized foundry in Dortmund, which allows using the latest achievements of European manufacturers.

A new metallurgical factory was put into operation. It has an area of ​​7,000 square meters.
There is a modern smelting reverberatory furnace and mixer which produces 600 tons per month .
and two induction furnaces for processing aluminum foil and chips.

The investments are about 24 million of hryvnia.

We are interested in attracting advanced foundry technologies for the production of ingots and finished castings.